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  • over 350 swimming pools
  • over 32 built and equipped swimming pools
  • over 8 public swimming pools
  • over 200 equipped swimming pools
  • over 25 jacuzzi for public swimming pools
  • over 15.000 sq. meters of sepcial interior finish
  • over 50 indoor swimming pools with dehumidification systems
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Taking a sauna is one of the most beneficial activities for the human body. By improving the quality of life and positively influencing your body the sauna is one of the options you must consider, should you be looking for relaxation devices.

Dry saunas

Dry saunas are rooms whose walls are thermally isolated and covered with spruce fir or pine wood. The room should have a thermal resistant glass door whose handle must be made of non-heating material. Some of the rules that must be respected when designing such a room are:

  • The heater should be properly protected so that no accidents happen by touching it;
  • Since the optimal room temperature is 80 degrees C, the heater should have resistances covered by volcanic rocks whose role is to dissipate the heat;
  • The heater must be fixed on the wooden floor of the room; it isn't recommended installing it in a niche since the surface around the heater should be ventilated;

Other sauna accessories are: the hydrometer, the sand watch, the perfume and the automation box.

Wet saunas

The effects of wet saunas are similar to those of the dry saunas, although the climate in the room is very different: the humidity is very high (100%) and the temperature is around 45 degrees C. The rules that should be respected when building such a room are:

  • There must be a free space of 80 cm 1 meter around the room;
  • The walls of the cabin can be either covered with glass mosaic or made of acryl;
  • The vapor generator must be easy to use; it can be equipped with an optional emptying valve;
  • The vapor generator should be installed in a dry place, close to the sauna;
  • The vapor generator must have access to the water and electrical networks, the length of the vapor pipe being 5 meter maximum;
  • The vapor generator can be installed on the floor or on the wall in a vertical position;
  • It is recommended that the vapor pipe be thermally isolated for safety reasons and also to avoid heat dissipation;
  • The electricity supply should be made from a network that has a fuse and which ends with a switch-separator near the steam generator. The nominal power of the source should equal the power of the generator to be installed.