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  • over 350 swimming pools
  • over 32 built and equipped swimming pools
  • over 8 public swimming pools
  • over 200 equipped swimming pools
  • over 25 jacuzzi for public swimming pools
  • over 15.000 sq. meters of sepcial interior finish
  • over 50 indoor swimming pools with dehumidification systems
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Public swimming pools

Far from being luxury equipment, the public pool has become a necessity that no tourist compound can do without. The added relaxation that a swimming pool provides is priceless.

Be it indoor or outdoor pools, their interior finish, accessorization or equipments, our company takes care of all the details, thus delivering the best products on the market.

The construction and exploitation of public swimming pools must abide by country specific and European rules. In that sense, Speranta Club respects all the construction, materials, security, illumination and hygiene rules that the E.U. recommends.

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Speranta Club not only builds public swimming pools, but also take scare of their interior finish, equipments, accessorization and maintenance, under the best conditions. We offer our clients quality products that are built using cutting-edge technology. Our large portfolio has helped us achieve the number one position in Romania when it comes to the design and building of swimming pools.

Construction stages

The construction of any swimming pool needs proper materials, proper equipment and a team of highly trained people. Some of the stages that are involved in the construction of swimming pools are: design, excavation, building, the interior finish and adding the equipment. In order to fully understand the importance of their succession, we have exemplified them in the following images.

Hotel Bucuresti

Clubul Diplomatilor

piscine-sageata piscine-sageata
hotel buc etapa 1
club dip etapa 1

piscine square First step

piscine-sageata piscine-sageata
hotel buc etapa 2
club dip etapa 2

piscine square Second step

piscine-sageata piscine-sageata
hotel buc etapa 3
club dip etapa 3

piscine square Third step

piscine-sageata piscine-sageata
hotel buc etapa 4
club dip etapa 4

piscine square Fourth step

piscine-sageata piscine-sageata
hotel buc etapa 5
club dip etapa 5

piscine square Swimming pool ready