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Pool equipments
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  • over 350 swimming pools
  • over 32 built and equipped swimming pools
  • over 8 public swimming pools
  • over 200 equipped swimming pools
  • over 25 jacuzzi for public swimming pools
  • over 15.000 sq. meters of sepcial interior finish
  • over 50 indoor swimming pools with dehumidification systems
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Pool equipments

In order for you pool to be as efficient as possible you need the proper equipments and accessories that Speranta Club offers. Our team of highly trained specialists will make sure that the equipments and accessories are properly installed, thus ensuring the proper functioning.

Pool accessories

In order to comply with compulsory quality standards and to create a proper degree of comfort, all public pools need proper accessorization. Speranta Club is specialized in this type of services and provides its clients with high quality accessories.

To create an enjoyable environment Speranta Club can offer you a different range of accessories including: trampolines, water walls and water toboggans.

Besides these, we can offer any type of equipment or accessory that will be built and installed according to your personalized specifications.

Water filtration systems

The cleanliness of the water in public swimming pools is an essential factor whose importance cannot be downplayed.

In order to clean and purify the water in public pools Speranta Club offers a large variety of specialized equipment including pumps, skimmers, insufflators and other accessories.

The pump is specialized equipment that helps move the water throughout the pool. Skimmers capture the water in the pool which will then be reintroduced with the help of insufflators.

Water treatment systems

Our company provides you with a wide variety of equipment for automatic water disinfection based on pH and chlorine, as well as specialized water disinfection solutions based on salt. By choosing the services of Speranta Club you can also purchase specialized water disinfection technologies based on ultraviolet or copper/silver ions.

Dehumidification systems

The dehumidification process is extremely important for indoor pools. It consists of the retaining of vapors produced by water (especially warm water) with the help of specially designed equipments. This equipments control the humidity of the environment where the pool is located, thus preventing the dampness formation.